Dear Randy:
Maxine and I want to say thank you for conducting an outstanding Absolute Farm Equipment Auction for us. Your organizational abilities, advertising program, and professional auction team are just a few of the many reasons why you have and conduct a professional auction.

We received Top Dollar for our equipment. Maxine and I would recommend to anyone thinking about having a farm equipment auction that you cannot afford to have an auction without first talking to the Great Plains Realty Auction Co. team.

We can sum it up in two words – They’re Great!

Max & Maxine Malone

Dear Randy:

As Chairman of the Board of the largest real estate company in Lincoln, Woods Bros. Realty since 1889, I wish to extend my recommendation of Randy Fleming, CAI, GRI who was associated with Woods Bros. Realty for two years after his college work where he gained the experience of selling real estate.

I highly recommend Randy and his auction company to anyone who needs the services of an auctioneer and his company.


F. Pace Woods

Dear Mr. Fleming:

On behalf of the State of Nebraska and the Department of Administrative Services, State Building Division and myself, we want to express our appreciation to you and your firm in the manner in which you handled the sale of the Nebraska State Developmental Home’s 430 acre farm.

The auction preplanning, open house, auction and closing went very well.

Your firm’s commitment to the auction method of selling and the use of the Absolute Auction method of marketing with no minimums, no reserved, no bid in’s and no buy backs just proves that the Absolute Auction method is the right procedure to attain the best bottom line.

The gross prceeds of $376,000.00 exceeded our expectations and our appraisal of 1990.

We were also impressed with the procedure that was used in offering the real estate in parcels and then as a whole tract which substantially increased the selling price and permitted more buyers to participate in the sale.

Ken Fougeron, Administrator
State of Nebraska – State Building Division

Dear Randy:

I note with interest that since you graduated from Superior School of Auctioneering, which I helped found, that you have spent your time well in preparing for your chosen profession.

I have been closely aligned with the auction business ever since I was a senior in college at the University of Missouri. Then, when I wrote and recorded the song “Auctioneer” about my cousin Ray Sims (a song which subsequently sold three million records), I became even more involved with auctions and auctioneers than ever before.

I have met all kinds of auctioneers, and I can appreciate someone like you who obviously believes in following high ethical standards, whose honesty and integrity are above reproach and who believes in the auction profession. With your dedication and enthusiasm you should become one of the leaders in your field.

Looking over your past records, it is also obvious that you have learned the value of plowing your time and talents back into your profession to upgrade not only your own talents but the overall image of the auction business. Ray Sims, Hugh James and I, who founded Superior School of Auctioneering, were dedicated to training the very best in young auctioneers.

I think anyone planning an auction would do well to consider you and your firm to handle their sale.

Yours most sincerely,
Leroy Van Dyke

Dear Randy:

I want to extend my appreciation to you and your auction team for an outstanding job in organizing and conducting the 11th, 12th, and 13th Bob Devaney Annual Benefit Auction for Cerebral Palsy.

I always appreciate someone who takes the time to give back to an organization cush as Cerebral Palsy in helping others make their lives that much better.


Bob Devaney

Dear Randy:

I want to express my personal appreciation as Personal Representative and Testamentary Trustee for the Bessie J. Levi Estate for the manner in which you handled the sale of the Levi home.

Your ability to work hard, your dedication to your job and your professionalism tells me that you are the one who is headed in the right direction for a very successful career.


Henry Gramann Jr., President
Adams State Bank

Dear Randy,

We are very grateful to you for the splendid assist you so generously gave us with our BASH oral auction.

It was a long and hot evening, but your enthusiasm never seemed to waiver, down to the very last item.

It ran later than we had carefully planned, but plans do go awry sometimes.

All in all, it was a very successful evening, and you certainly played an important part.

Best blessings to you and yours.


(Rev.) Charles F. Mullen, S.J.
BASH Moderator
Creighton Preparatory School – Omaha, NE

Dear Randy:

Cerebral Palsy is very plased to be working with you and your staff on the 10th Annual Bob Devaney Benefit Dance and Auction. The Benefit will be held at the Hillcrest Country Club on Friday, February 25, 1983.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating your time and effort to help us make this Benefit the best we have had.

The Chairman of the Auction will be Sharon Keith. However, all of the members will be pitching in and helping with the Auction, since this is part of the Benefit that brings in the most funds.

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings, and would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Mary Walker, Co-Chairman
Charley Decker, Co-Chairman
Bob Devaney Benefit Dance and Auction
United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy,

On behalf of United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska, and all the committee members for the Tenth Annual Bob Devaney Benefit Dance and Auction, I want to thank you and your Associates for the fine job you did for our Auction.

We appreciate the volunteer time you gave to this event, not only the time spent at the Auction, but the time you spent in preparing for it ahead of time.

Also, we thank you, Randy, for helping contacting donors for items and picking up the items.

We appreciate all your work from this Benefit. We are having our Critique Meeting, March 9th at 4:00 p.m. at the Tam-O-Shanter. We hope you can come.

Mary Walker, Chairman
Bob Devaney Benefit Dance and Auction
United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy:

On behalf of Crebral Palsy of Nebraska and all the committee members for the Eleventh Annual Benefit Dance and Auction, I want to thank you and your associates for participating in this year’s event.

The purchase of corporate tables ensured the success of this year’s function.

We hope, along with the good that will be done with the proceeds of the evening’s dinner and auction, that you and your guests had a good time.

Next year’s event will again be casual, but in a 20’s or 50’s atmosphere. We hope you will consider joining us again.


Charles F. Decker, Chairman
United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy:

On behalf of Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska and myself, thank you for your active participation in this year’s event. As you are aware, Coach Devaney was most grateful for the large turnout and consequent increase in financial support for Cerebral Palsy.

It takes a group effort like this year to make this event go, and you did it!

Next year we’ll have more people, a greater income, and even more fun.

If you have any new members for the new Committee or suggestions for next year’s event, bring them to the meeting at the Legion Club, 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, March 6, 1984.

See you there,

Charles F. Decker, Chairman
United Cerebral Palsy of Nebraska – Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy:

We can’t thank you enough for the great job you did for the Bemis Gala 100 Art Auction. We were all running around worried about the event in general plus as you might guess, selling art is a tricky situation. However, the evening went beautifully! You are a great auctioneer. We hope to do an art auction every eighteen months or so, and I intend to call you. I have had many compliments on your performance, and Phil Schrager was quite happy with the auction.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope you are having a sonderful summer. Please come visit the Gallery whenever you are in Omaha.

My best,

Rae Schonlau, Director
New Gallery – Omaha, NE

Dear Randy:

We want to express to you and your Great Plains Realty Auction Company our appreciation of the outstanding job you did in conducting your acreage, equipment auction. You handled everything from writing up the equipment to be sold, distributed all the advertising, showed us how to arrange the equipment, conducted the auction with the Great Plains Realty Auction team that looked professional and worked very well together in getting top dollar for our equipment. They also handled all the clerking and cashiering and we knew up front at the time they booked the auction what the professional fees were and the cost of the advertising. Great Plains made settlement with us and we got everything they said we were going to get.

They know how to get Top Dollar and they are an auction company you can trust.

We highly recommend your full time services to anyone thinking about having an auction.


Norm and Beth Miller

P.S. The Absolute Auction method does make a difference, and we are glad we used it.

Dear Randy,

Thank you for your letter of September 4 and I extend to you my apology for the long delay in answering your generous offer. I had to present the proposal to the Chairmen and that took some time. They were thrilled with your offer and would be most grateful to have you and your staff be the ringmen for our Auction, January 26.

We do need some clarification: Will you be providing your own professional photographer? We do not have any at the event. Also, of course, we cannot speak for the auctioneer. She would have to make the decision as to whether whe would have her picture taken with you but I see no problem with that. She is usually very generous with her time and whatever people ask of her. The Chairmen have also requested that you wear Tuxedos instead of the red blazers. If this presents a problem for you and your assistants please let me know.

Again our sincere thanks for your generous offer, Randy. We will be touch with you and update you on the upcoming event.


Shirley Loy, Conge Coordinator
Dushesne Academy – Omaha, NE

Dear Randy:

As Attorney representing the Levi Estate, thank you for all your support and for your professional handling of the sale of the Bess Levi home at 409 South 29th Street.

Your courtesy, professionalism and efficiency show that you are one who believes in doing a job right.


Chas. W. Phillips
Phillips & Murphy, Attorneys at Law – Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy:

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and from me personally, I want to thank you and express our appreciation for your generous contribution of you auction service.

through your effect, we were able to reach our goal of financial support. The money will be used to refurbish the landscaping, some of which is twenty years old. You and your group of men did a great job of selling – We had many compliments on your work. You created an atmosphere that all wanted in on the act. Everyone had much fun.

My sincere thanks for all you did. Best wishes and much success in the future.


Bev Kimball, President
Board of Trustees – Folsom Children’s Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Lincoln, NE

Dear Randy,

I want to thank you for your quick and efficient manner in selling the acreage and residence.

For the record, let me say it this way: Randy Fleming made the arrangements, prepared advertising, listed the property, handled open houses, and the closing of the transaction on the sale of an acreage with residence with the enthusiasm necessary for a successful and professional auction. In fact, his enthusiasm created competition that generated the drive that resulted in a satisfactory sale.


Ken Orth, Assistant Vice President
Lincoln Federal Savings & Loan Association

Dear Randy,

I want to sincerely thank you for offering your time and talent to help our Youth Fellowship raise money for their Spring Mission Trip. I was disappointed with the turnout and felt that we didn’t have as good a crowd as is possible here. I know hoever, that it was your talent that saved us from having a worse loss on the project. I admire your ability and thank you for taking the time to come and work with us on this project.
I hope that the young people whose time you bought will serve you well and that you will come back and visit us again sometime. Again, thank you for your kind help and your enthusiastic spirit.


Michael M. Mason
Minister of Education with Youth and Young Adults
Westminster Presbyterian Church – Lincon, NE