Why Us?

Why An Absolute Auction?

Today the Auction is becoming widely accepted as the quickest, fairest, most efficient method of marketing. The Auction method establishes the fair market value for many things in our economy today. Auctions determine the standard market price used by car and machinery dealers, banks and other financial institutions for use in everyday business. The Auction method of selling sets the price of stocks, bonds and commodities. Through the years the Auction method of selling has been the most positive way to liquidate large amounts of merchandise at the highest price possible.

An Absolute Auction does two things: First, it builds the bidders trust by assuring them that the high bidder will be the new owner. Secondly, it creates the best atmosphere you can have for a successful Auction that will result in top dollar for the seller.

Auctions are limitless in the scope of merchandise they can sell. Anything, from a small vase to a vast forest, one animal, a whole herd, or even an entire ranch. A good Auctioneer, such as those at Great Plains Realty-Auction Co., can liquidate large amounts of merchandise quickly and effectively at a minimal expense to the seller. No other method of marketing can dispose of all your merchandise, obtain the highest possible price and have cash in your hands the same day, but the Auction!

No matter what your reason for having an Auction…settling an estate, dissolving a business, moving, liquidating surplus inventory…Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. is ready to serve you!

Why do People Turn to Great Plains Realty Auction Co. for Top Dollar & Top Results?
10 Great Reasons They Can Make a Successful Auction For You

  1. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. brings to you their 1st team every time. They have no 2nd team.
  2. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. has over 100 YEARS of combined auction Real Estate Brokerage and Appraisal service to offer each and every client.
  3. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. has WON 1st Place Advertising Awards both state and nationally.
  4. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. passes on their professional advertising benefits to you which brings out buyers that other auction companies haven’t been able to realize. Taking the extra step brings out more people and that reverts to TOP DOLLAR.
  5. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. is recognized for its honesty, integrity and leadership.
  6. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. has the reputation of having ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS with NO minimums and NO reserves.
  7. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. has done business with major corporations, Fortune 500 companies, bankers, attorneys, FDIC, farmers, plus many more valued customers. Your Benefit: We give 110% effort to each and every customer.
  8. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. believes in education. The President has earned the professional designation of CAI – Certified Auctioneers Institute – that is becoming recognized by many professions throughout the country as a standard of excellence.
  9. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. has the auction advantage of an auction topper for greater mobility and visibility.
  10. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. belongs to the National Auctioneers Association and adheres to their strict code of ethics.
  11. Great Plains Realty-Auction Co. makes things happen the old fashioned way – We work at them hard and consistently.